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SOLZ watch SHINE uses LED lights instead of hands to tell the time.  Basically, the lights light up clockwise until they reach the point the hand would be.  The outside ring of numbers and dots in red tells the hour.  The inside ring of yellow hashmarks tells the minute (within 5).  The four escalating green lights in the middle are used to count individual minutes.  Because of the lights, the watch can also be used to tell month, day, and day of week!  It may sound complicated, but once you get it, it is easy and fun.  Now explain it to your friends!

To set:  

1)  Press bottom button to activate watch.

2) While lit, press bottom button again to enter set mode.  (Outside red hour lights should flash)

3)  Press top button to set the hour.  (To distinguish between AM and PM look for the small blue P in the middle.)

4) Press bottom button to go to minutes.  

5) Press top button to set the minutes (remember the green lights count 1-4 and the yellow shows by 5's).

6) Press bottom button to enter DATE mode (look for the green D to be lit).  Then press the top button to set the month and day as you would the hour and minute.  

7) Press bottom button to enter WEEKDAY mode (look for the green W to be lit).  Then press the top button to set the WEEKDAY 1 = Monday, 7 = Sunday.

8)  Press bottom button to enter BRIGHTNESS mode.  Then press top button to set the desired brightness using the middle green lights.  (Using a lower brightness setting can help extend the battery life).

9)  Press bottom button again to activate the AUTO-SHINE mode.  This is where you can set the watch to light up automatically.  Press the top button to set the interval as you would minutes.  The SHINE watch can be set to flash evvery 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes or not at all (only when you press the buttons).  This is a special feature and can be fun to get people to notice your watch without showing them.  Again, the less frequent AUTO-SHINE settings can help extend battery life.  

As a picture tells a thousand words, the time on the watch below is 1:29 AM.  (Outside red dot lit to 1, inside yellow dots to 25 and precise green minute counter to 4.  25+4 is the 29 and AM we know because the blue P is not lit.)

The black watch is showing 12:20 AM.  (Outside red hour dots to 12, inside yellow dots to 20.  No P lit.)

SOLZwatch SHINE uses 2 standard R2032 lithium watch batteries and they can be replaced at most watch shops.  Battery life will depend on how often you shine the watch and the settings noted above.  Time to Shine!

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Sometimes working at SOLZ feels like a bit of a fairy tale.  Magic shoes are folding themselves into impossibly small bags while enchanted backpacks borrow energy straight from the sun to power futuristic smart devices.  Occasionally tiny ballerinas walk softly through our halls and Mad Hatters are constantly calling for meetings over tea.  But things recently got even more mysterious when we caught an evil witch walking around with an apple, playing with the most wondrous of watches, and chanting...


Photos by Jonathan Ramot.  

Any resemblance to characters, alive or fictional, is purely coincidental.  And magically mysterious.  

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