Walksoftz press release!

James Carrick



New roll-up emergency flats set to inspire dancing ... and save feet. 

San Francisco, CA.  April 2011 - SOLZshoes ( and The Walk Street Movement ( are proud to announce the launch of their brand new roll-up emergency flats.  Walksoftz are fashionable ballerina flats on the go that come in a convenient zip clutch which you can tuck into your purse or carry when you head out, or just pick a pair up at your favorite club.  The Walk Street Movement will be sponsoring several launch events, fashion shows and design fairs over the next month where you can learn more about Walksoftz and purchase pairs at special launch discounts.  A calendar of events can be found on

Walksoftz will initially be available in a stylish black synthetic leather and each pair comes packaged in a convenient zip-up clutch that measures only 5.5” x 4.5” and has space to tuck in necessities such a credit card, id and cash.  When opened, the clutch also unfolds into a larger bag to carry your heels. 

Already the choice of local dancers and models for post-performance relief, now you too can buy stylish, comfortable emergency flats when and where you truly need them.  Retailing for $29.98 on their website, The Walk Street Movement plans to offer exclusive 50% off discounts at their official launch events and sell the shoes for an in-person rate of $20 when purchased from their street team.  After a night of dancing, your feet will get a new best friend.  You wont have to walk home barefoot anymore.  You might even save your relationship with your heels. 

Brad Carrick, founder of SOLZ and The Walk Street Movement, explained, “I just saw too many girls taking off their heels at bars and clubs with no appropriate solution.  Now you can rock your heels fashionably and safely, and roll your flats.  And for any guy who has had to give piggy-back rides to a footloose date, this product is for you too!”

Finally, flats as flexible as they are sexable.  DANCE HARD.  Walksoftz.

About The Walk Street Movement

The Walk Street Movement is a celebration of women, shoes and our shared city.  We like getting around on our own two feet and don’t apologize for being sexy while we do it.   Our idea of movement combines freedom and mobility with a shared group passion, and we designed our shoes with exactly this in mind.  On this site we offer a home base for fashion, lifestyle, and community.  And it’s all yours if you want it. 

About SOLZ, Inc.

SOLZshoes is a San Francisco- based producer of footwear and accessories.  The parent company of The Walk Street Movement, The Sneak In Artist and SOLZ beach shoes, SOLZ was founded in 2010 to provide ultra-comfortable lightweight, stylish and flexible roll-able and fold-able shoes for a variety of lifestyle needs.  Life should be fun, light and comfortable – and so should your shoes.  “Lighten up, let your SOLZ shine.”

Brad Carrick (Co-Founder, CEO)

Brad Carrick is a California corporate attorney and entrepreneur.  After working as a product manager at a fast-moving Silicon Valley software start-up in the dot-com era, he left to attend Harvard Law School.  Upon graduation in 2005, he spent three years practicing law at the prominent international law firm Latham & Watkins in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  His entrepreneurial spirit led him back to pursue an MBA at IE in Madrid, Spain, graduating in December, 2010.  He brings over 10 years combined legal and business experience, with much of it international.  A self-proclaimed “Celebrator,” his passion for fashion and lifestyle design is the seed that sprouted SOLZ.  

For more information about Walksoftz, please visit or contact Brad Carrick at or 415-986-7131.