Brad Carrick hosts Portfolio Night by SFFAMA

James Carrick

SFFAMA is also proud to announce that we are working on forming a partnership with local “crowd-funding” website, IndieGoGo. This partnership will provide an unprecedented opportunity for SFFAMA members to raise money to fund their creative and business goals. If are looking to raise money, you are no longer alone. SFFAMA can help you though our established network, our experience and now our exclusive partnership with IndieGoGo. Amazing things can happen when we work together, and your dreams may be closer than you think.

Brad Carrick, CEO of and successful IndieGoGo campaigner, will be running this new venture for SFFAMA and available to answer questions and help you get started. If you want to be among the inaugural projects supported by the SFFAMA - IndieGoGo partnership, please come to Portfolio Night on Thursday, Oct. 6 to discuss your idea and find out how we can help. For an idea of what this opportunity can do for you, check out:


- Meet-up for San Francisco Fashion Industry professionals
- Introduction (attendees) circle, network with other attendees in a workshop setting
- Pitch who you are (show and tell), share your portfolio with other fashion professionals
- Brainstorm and share new ideas about the thriving local fashion industry
- Have the organizers and audience review your work constructively
- Connect and network with prospective contacts (clients) in the fashion industry
- Get advise about your career in fashion
- Bring your resume, portfolio, zed cards, product samples
- Learn from the true experts in local fashion and our grassroots approach with special guests

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About SFFAMA: San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, a California non-profit corporation, is the leading institution in the San Francisco Bay Area's fashion industry. 1303 members, 105 events. Winner of Best Fashion Event Producer of the Year and Best Marketing at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011. Producer of San Francisco Fashion Week. SFFAMA provides business and technology education for fashion entrepreneurs and serves as a business and social development network for the thriving local fashion industry. SFFAMA would bring its expertise in fashion events organization and network of emerging local designers.