Fashion Tech Week 2013: FASHION TECH EXPO #FTW13

James Carrick

SOLZ is proud to be a part of the first-ever Fashion Tech Week

Come join us at the Fashion Tech Expo this Thursday, Feb 28!  We will have exclusive discounts on our famous SOLZbags and SOLZwatches.  We are also proud to be able to offer our friends free tickets to the event!  Click on the event page HERE and enter the code "luckytech."  

FashionTechPR presents FASHION TECH WEEK 2013: Fashion+Tech Expo. Technology is an integral aspect of San Francisco fashion industry and this year's event will feature app developers, fashion startups and retailers under one roof. You will be able to demo products, watch product presentations, and network with designers, startups, entrepreneurs, fashion/tech professionals and fashion enthusiasts.



    1. 77 Looks - iTunes
    2. Barsential -
    3. Fashion App Finder:
    4. Flit -
    5. Joy De Jewels -
    6. Lemoncrate -
    7. Lookmazing -
    8. Love That Fit
    9. myFit -
    10. PhiSix Fashion Lab -
    11. Pretty Little Thing -
    12. Solz Shoes -
    13. Sonas Denim -
    14. Stileeye -
    15. Styleup - 
    16. Stylsavvy -
    17. Tie Society -

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