Oh, you like my shoes? Gee thanks, I got them in Italy!

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What it is about shopping while traveling that is so enticing? Yes, those little mementos you bring home serve just as good, if not better, a purpose as photos for remembering what a wonderful time you had. But also, at least for me, it’s loving being able to say, “Thanks, I got it in ______!” (<- Insert exotic destination here) as a testament to the amazing places you’ve visited around the world. You are also less likely to find someone else in your hometown wearing the same thing as you if you buy while out of town.

Last weekend, for example, I was in San Diego for a work conference, and ended up buying SIX pairs of shoes while on an impromptu shopping trip on the way to the airport.


I’ve been wanting new espadrilles forever- so I was beyond thrilled to find these white lace Ralph Lauren ones! (I am LOVING lace for Spring/Summer!) Although if my budget allowed, my preferred lace shoe would be a pair of these sexy Christian Louboutin Leopard Lace Heels: Yes, I am a sucker for leopard print!




Recently I have been thinking a lot about buying LOCAL. The trend of buying our food locally has already caught on across the nation. And our clothing and shoes are next! Now, more than ever, it’s important to support local designers and merchants.


Here are 8 reasons why you should shop local:

  1. Support your local economy (Because we LOVE the Bay Area!)
  2. Help maintain community character and prosperity
  3. Save money by cutting people out of the distribution chain
  4. Support entrepreneurship
  5. Reduced environmental impact
  6. Support the job market
  7. 80% of money spent on local designers will make its way back into the community
  8. Ensure choice and diversity in products


The problem is, it can be difficult to find these amazingly talented local designers among the retail behemoths that make up the majority of the retail scene. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to shoes, as Italy and China have a large chunk of the shoe market cornered. But not to worry, the Walk Street Movement has got your back!

We found three designers that actually LIVE in San Francisco that design some kick-ass shoes! We will be profiling one of these local designers soon, so stay tuned!

SF LOCAL Shoe Designers:

  1. Glory Chen
  2. Martha Davis
  3. Paolo Iantorno

Here are a few samples of their work for you to enjoy in the meantime!


Glory Chen:




Martha Davis:





Paolo Iantorno:


Wondering where you can get your own designed in SF shoes RIGHT NOW? Glory Chen has a store in Union Square ,Gimme Shoes in Hayes Valley carries Martha Davis, and Paolo Shoes has stores in Hayes Valley and on Fillmore Street

So the next time someone compliments you on what unique, fashionable shoes you have on, you can be proud to say, “Gee, thanks! They were actually designed right here in San Francisco!” Now excuse me, I’ve got a flight to catch. 



**Want to support the local economy but can’t bear the thought of giving up your favorite Italian Heels? We hear you! Check back soon for some of our favorite locally owned and operated shoe stores that carry the brands you lust for.

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