LALY DESTINATIONS, a Summer SOLZtice™ Celebration

James Carrick

The summer solstice is the astronomical event when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and we enjoy the longest day of the entire year. Literally meaning the time when the "sun stands still", the two solstices have been celebrated across cultures and throughout history and form the basis of many of our modern holidays. 

Twice year, SOLZ carries on this pagan tradition with a SOLZtice™ celebration.  This time, SOLZ teamed up with LALY Designs and the Newport Beach Auto Gallery for an unforgettable evening of fashion, fun, and festivities.  We had an exclusive SOLZ fashion shoot with our gorgeous models and exotic cars, announced the official launch of SOLZbag, and had an amazing LALY runway show.

We thank everyone who helped put on this amazing event and the amazing crowd who showed up to welcome us to Southern California in style.  Special thanks to Shaun Tiangsing and Jacqueline Tang for the amazing photos, which I will let speak for themselves...

All the designs seen on the runway are available at!

Cant wait for the next LALY - SOLZ collaboration, coming this September.  

Spoiler alert: it will be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH :)

See you there!

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