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Cassandra Farrar - Strings Attached

James Carrick

Tags fashion, local, music, photographer, shoes, solz

I met Cassandra at a Fashion Show I was hosting a couple of months ago.  I assumed the usual.  Pretty girl hanging around fashion shows = aspiring model.  I asked what she did almost as a formality.  When she said she was a musician, I was surprised but didn't expect much.  When I later checked out some of her work online, that all changed.  In a music scene that is crowded and unoriginal, she has a sound that is fresh, real, alive and spunky.  Oh, and she is damn talented.  I asked her to perform at our SOLZtice event -...

KEN CHEN SF - Flash Forward

James Carrick

Tags fashion, local, shoes, solz

The old adage claims that there is "no substitute for experience."  In the fashion world, however, a good case could be made for vision.  I think it was Doug Rader who said that, "If experience was so important, we'd never have had anyone walk on the moon."  This is where we may begin to understand the up-and-coming San Francisco designer Ken Chen.  He has been at this for just under a year and is already turning heads fast enough to keep chiropractors in business.  I had the pleasure of hosting his show at SF Fashion Week 2011 and was proud to see him...

Shaun Tiangsing: Un-retouched Proof

James Carrick

Tags fashion, local, photographer, shoes, solz

San Francisco, November 2011  --  By Brad Carrick   Having worked with Shaun on several fashion events, I had a sense of what to expect in our recent shoot for SOLZ.  Whether at San Francisco Fashion Week 2011, The 2011 SF Fashion Awards or the countless SFFAMA panels and events we have done, the experience is somewhat the same.  Shaun shows up with equipment.  He does not rely on available light, choosing to help create the perfect environment.  Yet once the shot begins, he basically moves into the background, allowing the emotion to unfold naturally.  Maybe it’s his experience working...