The Walk Street Movement


Its not always easy being a woman in this city – or a brand.


WSM started as a lighthearted blog celebrating “Shoes and the City.”  To highlight the fun, irreverent nature of our shoe fetish, we called our blog “The Walk Street Journal.”  We thought it was kind of catchy.  We started to get some readers and some attention – some more welcome than others.  Before we knew it, we were contacted by a large financial institution that publishes a newspaper with a name they thought sounded too similar – threatening to shut us down for trademark violations.  We find it hard to believe that our little innocent blog would cause any confusion with that paper’s sophisticated financial audience.  (Bat eyelashes.)  But hey, if the masters of the universe are scared enough to threaten us, I guess we are happy just to be noticed!  After some legal back and forth, we decided to, well, be the bigger party.  The Walk Street Journal had grown up.  Now we are more than just a blog.  Becoming truly a celebration of our feminine, empowered city lifestyle, The Movement was born.


Now WSM is home to weekly features that explore figures, events, and issues in fashion, footwear and lifestyle more deeply than we do in the WSM Journal.  WSM also has its own line of roll-up flats made by SOLZ shoes and designed especially, and exclusively, for us.  These shoes are the perfect complement to the WSM lifestyle.  Walksoftz are designed as ultra-lightweight and small emergency flats.  Walkstreetz are your new best friend for more everyday use.   We think you will probably want both so that you can truly “Rock your heels, Roll your flats.”


The Walk Street Movement is a celebration of women, shoes, and our shared city.  We like getting around on our own two feet and don’t apologize for being sexy while we do it.   Our idea of movement combines freedom and mobility with a shared group passion, and we designed our shoes with exactly this in mind.  On this site we offer a home base for fashion, lifestyle, and community.  And it’s all yours if you want it.


So don’t just stand there, Join The Movement!