We love to hear from you!  SOLZ shoes are extremely versatile and we are always hearing different reports from our customers on how they love to use them.  

So write to info@solzshoes.com and let us know --  How Do You Let Your SOLZ shine!?  

Here are just a select few:

“My SOLZ shoes come in handy at the gym and in the lab! I love to wear them with yoga pants and skinny jeans! They are super comfortable and light weight, and are great walking shoes as well. I love how they come in their own small and handy bag. When they're in the case they don't take up much space at all in any other bag you may be carrying!”

-Cassandra Farrar, San Francisco

"SOLZ shoes are amazing! I love how light and flexible they are and how easily they fit in my purse; I can take them anywhere and be ready for action!"

 -Alison Morgan, Santa Cruz

“I absolutely love my SOLZ shoes. They are perfect for traveling and also when running around with my 3 year old son. I am a mother but still like to be stylish! I love the lightweight feel and the fact that I can fold them up and throw them in my purse. I constantly find my self wearing them and they go great with so many different outfits. I highly recommend SOLZ shoes.. :)”

-Shannon S., San Francisco

I wore my white ones everywhere in Kauai last week. I got them muddy out on Makahuena point and muddier on the way to Maha'ulepu. I splashed through more than a few puddles. I put them in the washing machine in my condo and rubbed a little soap on the fabric. They are lightweight enough to dry in the sun.  These are the same shoes I wore to hike around dusty Angkor Wat and muddy Mekong Delta last month, so they have now been washed a few times with great results. Of course, the grey or black SOLZ would work as well (or even better) in red dirt encounters.

-Donna C., Kauai

"My SOLZbag arrived today, and it is beautiful! I did a blurry cam unbox here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF5-wcYPlUs&feature=plcp. My bag was charging on a cloudy day indoors. That's unbelievable!"

-Steven M., Florida

“I love my SOLZ shoes, I have the blue and white ones. They are super comfortable, lightweight and great for the gym. They grip the ground well to make jogging more enjoyable. I love that they are the first white shoes I have owned that I could actually not be afraid of getting dirty. They are 100% washable! They dried quickly, so I was able to wear them again right away. I love that they look cute with my stretchy work-out pants and great with jeans and even Capri's. They are apart of my daily footwear. I bring them to fashion shows with me because they fold up in their little bag and are easy to toss in my backpack with clothes.  The handy bag they go into is great and I don't have to worry about dirtying up clothes from the bottoms of them. Much better than tossing in a regular pair of tennis shoes in my bag. I used to have to bring a separate bag for my shoes, now I don't have to.  Its very convenient! I am looking forward to getting a black pair to go with more of my outfits!! Thanks, SOLZ!”

-Tiffany Perez, Los Angeles

I was given a pair of Matte Black SOLZ for Christmas and they've quickly become my all-purpose shoe. I am a yoga teacher and student, a surfer, and a lover of hiking, trail running, and all forms of exercise. I have been wearing the Vibram Five Fingers barefoot-style shoes for a couple of years now, so my feet are used to balancing, landing softly, and moving with agility over all types of terrain. Solz are a real gift because you can feel this connectedness while looking smart and stylish out in public. So in order to see if Solz could cover all the bases, I wore them on a hike along the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. They exceeded all my expectations. I loved being able to engage all my foot and ankle muscles, feeling my posture improve, and having the confidence to break into a run when i wanted! In comparison to the individually-toed Vibrams I had been wearing, it was a relief not to have to worry about sticks and stones getting stuck in between my toes, and to have a better fit with less dragging and snagging. It's also cool to be able to go on a long hike without having to gear up, and when people pass you on the trail they don't stare at your toe-shoes because they look weird but instead they casually check out your sleek Solz. I highly recommend these shoes.

-Scott C., Los Angeles

I like the way SOLZ shoes support my feet, but at the same time allow them to feel and react to the  surfaces I’m walking on.   I didn’t need another pair of shoes, but these are so different from all my other shoes.  They fill a gap that I didn’t know was there until I put them on and started wearing them.
Thank you, they’re great!

-Robert D., New Hampshire

"Hiking in SOLZ is like getting a free reflexology massage with every step. I feel rejuvenated afterwards!"  

Ashley P., Kauai