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SOLZ shoe company launches crowd-funding pre-order campaign.    


San Francisco, CA.  2011 - SOLZshoes ( is proud to announce the pre-launch of their brand new roll-able casual shoe line.  SOLZ are fashionable flats on the go that come in a convenient zip up capsule bag. The shoes are ultra-light and flexible – they can be folded or rolled and are designed to move naturally with your feet as you walk.  They are all also machine washable.


From the same team that successfully launched The Walk Street Movement and Walksoftz “Roll-up ballet flats in the clutch” earlier this year, SOLZ shoes will initially be available in three distinct styles and more will be available soon.  They are all based on a proprietary, patent-pending versatile design emphasizing flexibility and comfort.  SOLZ, Inc. is a local SF-based lifestyle company and has chosen to raise the funding necessary to order their shoes using SF-based “crowd-funding” site IndieGoGo.  Users can pre-order shoes for $33 per pair, a significant savings from the $59.99 expected normal retail price.  They also offer opportunities to join their team as an “Affiliate Founding Partner” and order shoes by the dozen for resale.  They even offer the chance to help design a custom shoe yourself.  The offer is open only for the next 33 days. 


Brad Carrick, founder of SOLZ and The Walk Street Movement, explained, “I love the idea of utilizing local technology to bring people together and make a creative idea possible.  By crowd-funding, we are able to offer our shoes at steep discounts and give people a chance to be part of the story of this company.  We are very excited about our new shoes and looking forward to bringing them to market by the end of summer.”


Learn more, or join the movement and be a contributor yourself at:


About SOLZ, Inc.

SOLZshoes is a San Francisco- based producer of footwear and accessories.  The parent company of The Walk Street Movement, The Sneak In Artist and SOLZ beach shoes, SOLZ was founded in 2010 to provide ultra-comfortable lightweight, stylish and flexible roll-able and fold-able shoes for a variety of lifestyle needs.  Life should be fun, light and comfortable – and so should your shoes.  “Lighten up, let your SOLZ shine.”


Brad Carrick (Co-Founder, CEO)

Brad Carrick is a California corporate attorney and entrepreneur.  After working as a product manager at a fast-moving Silicon Valley software start-up in the dot-com era, he left to attend Harvard Law School.  Upon graduation in 2005, he spent three years practicing law at the prominent international law firm Latham & Watkins in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  His entrepreneurial spirit led him back to pursue an MBA at IE in Madrid, Spain, graduating in December, 2010.  He brings over 10 years combined legal and business experience, with much of it international.  A self-proclaimed “Celebrator,” his passion for fashion and lifestyle design is the seed that sprouted SOLZ.  

For more information about SOLZ, please visit, or contact Brad Carrick at or 415-986-7131.