The SOLZbag HYDRO is perfect for days on the beach, picnics, bike rides, hikes, or even just running around town. Making sure that your electronic essentials are charged and that you're hydrated at all times, this powerful backpack promises that you'll never get frustrated while out and about.  Room for a jacket and snacks and organization for sunglasses, keys and essentials allows you to bring what's needed while staying slim and sleek.  The bag's removable 6.5W Solar Panel generates power from sunlight, able to charge any USB-connected device directly, or connect a powoer bank (such as the SOLZbank) to store the energy for later use. The bag also includes a two-liter water bag. A true lifesaver in more than one way - the SOLZbag HYDRO is the ultimate accessory.

Product Details:

— Hydration Backpack
— Removable 6.5W Solar Panel
— Bag Material: Polyester
— Bladder Capacity: 2L
— Includes USB Charging Cable + Water Bag

Solar Panel:
— Sunpower Brand Cell
— High Efficiency
— Transfer Rate: 22%
— Power: 6.5W, 6V

  • Color: Red & Grey
  • Material: Polyester
  • Measurements:  18"L x 13"W x 4"H

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