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SOLZ at Wanderlust Squaw Valley!

James Carrick

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  SOLZ products are inspired by and created for fitness, travel and leisure.  We have also found we are just about perfect for music and art festivals and have had some of our favorite events ever in connection with events such as Coachella, Burning Man and Outside Lands.  When we heard of a festival dedicated to yoga and music, well, how could we resist.   Whether it is our fold-up shoes, our solar powered backpacks, our friendly SOLZ team (or all of the above!) we are sure to have a good time this year at Wanderlust California.  Set in the... Presents - DESTINATIONS, a Summer SOLZticeā„¢ Celebration

James Carrick

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DESTINATIONS - Friday June 22nd from 7  pm - 11 pm Newport Beach Auto Gallery.  The summer solstice is the astronomical event when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and we enjoy the longest day of the entire year. Literally meaning the time when the "sun stands still", the solstices have been celebrated across cultures and throughout history and form the basis of many of our modern holidays. As soon as they discovered that the Earth was spherical, the ancient Greeks devised the concept of the "celestial sphere" and embedded the solstices in an understanding of celestial navigation that...