SOLZ Revs its Engines

James Carrick

SOLZ was proud to be a part of the recent DESTINATIONS event at the amazing Newport Beach Auto Gallery.  It was the Southern California launch for LALY Designs and SOLZ and the official launch of SOLZbag.  We will have articles covering the event and the runway coming soon.  Especially exciting for us, however, was being invited to do an exclusive SOLZ photo shoot featuring our runway models and the beautiful exotic cars in the gallery.  It was a great match, as we have been getting glowing feedback from our customers about how SOLZshoes make the perfect driving shoes.  The barefoot feel and flexible soles give you an unmatched connection and responsiveness with your vehicle.  And if you wear heels you can easily keep a pair in your car at all times to change into!  Here is just a sample of the photos shot by SOLZ' favorite Los Angeles-based photographer, Shaun Tiangsing.  Special thanks to LALY Designs and Shawnell O'Shea for the swimwear.  

We hope these shots get your motor revving as much as they do ours!    

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