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Once Upon a Time to Shine...

James Carrick

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Sometimes working at SOLZ feels like a bit of a fairy tale.  Magic shoes are folding themselves into impossibly small bags while enchanted backpacks borrow energy straight from the sun to power futuristic smart devices.  Occasionally tiny ballerinas walk softly through our halls and Mad Hatters are constantly calling for meetings over tea.  But things recently got even more mysterious when we caught an evil witch walking around with an apple, playing with the most wondrous of watches, and chanting... MIRROR MIRROR ON MY WRIST!  SHINE LIKE THIS SHOULD NOT EXIST!!!  Photos by Jonathan Ramot.   Any resemblance to characters, alive or...

SOLZ Revs its Engines

James Carrick

Tags backpack, bag, battery, fashion, leisure, photographer, shoes, smartphone, solar, solz, travel

SOLZ was proud to be a part of the recent DESTINATIONS event at the amazing Newport Beach Auto Gallery.  It was the Southern California launch for LALY Designs and SOLZ and the official launch of SOLZbag.  We will have articles covering the event and the runway coming soon.  Especially exciting for us, however, was being invited to do an exclusive SOLZ photo shoot featuring our runway models and the beautiful exotic cars in the gallery.  It was a great match, as we have been getting glowing feedback from our customers about how SOLZshoes make the perfect driving shoes.  The barefoot feel...

SOLZbag Unveiling at Apple Flagship in SF

SOLZ was proud to be invited to unveil our brand-new SOLZbag at the Apple flagship store in downtown San Francisco.  SOLZ founder Brad Carrick spoke as part of San Francisco Design Week and told the story of SOLZbag, from design to the campaign used to fund production to bringing the product to market.  SOLZ bag is a perfect compliment to Apple products and we were honored to be asked to launch our new product in such a great setting.  Thanks to Apple, SFFAMA, SF Design Week and everyone who came out for the opportunity!  Here are some pics from the...

SOLZbag Crowd-Funding Campaign

James Carrick

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We are proud to announce that we have completed our 2nd crowd-funding campaign on local SF site, IndieGoGo.  We exceeded 200% of our goal for the 2nd time in a row, this time for our brand-new SOLZbag.  Thanks to all of our supporters!  Here is the video.