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Once Upon a Time to Shine...

James Carrick

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Sometimes working at SOLZ feels like a bit of a fairy tale.  Magic shoes are folding themselves into impossibly small bags while enchanted backpacks borrow energy straight from the sun to power futuristic smart devices.  Occasionally tiny ballerinas walk softly through our halls and Mad Hatters are constantly calling for meetings over tea.  But things recently got even more mysterious when we caught an evil witch walking around with an apple, playing with the most wondrous of watches, and chanting... MIRROR MIRROR ON MY WRIST!  SHINE LIKE THIS SHOULD NOT EXIST!!!  Photos by Jonathan Ramot.   Any resemblance to characters, alive or...

Every Girl Deserves to Shine!

James Carrick

Tags education, electronics, fashion, shine, solz, time, watch

Every girl deserves to shine! LALY & SOLZ have come together to offer the mirror-faced SOLZwatch in an exclusive, limited edition color LALY PINK! For every watch purchased, we are making a donation to, a charity which helps build global awareness by giving every girl an opportunity for education — which we believe is key part of development. Education should not just be a dream but a reality.  Join the cause, show off your LALY PINK SOLZwatch and shine! Get the watch now HERE! Check out the 10x10 Girl Rising video trailer and our LALY-SOLZ promo shots!

SOLZwatch MIRROR instructions

James Carrick

Tags electronics, leisure, light, shine, solz, time, watch

Time to Shine

James Carrick

Tags backpack, leisure, light, photographer, shine, shoes, solar, time, watch

To celebrate the launch of our brand-new SOLZwatch, we had a great photo shoot recently with the phenomenally talented Jojo Serina. On one of the best rooftops in the city, we gathered our beautiful friends Jennifer Cirone (a former Ms. of the USA), Alicia Delgado and Alex Accardi Jr. to show off the watches as well as our famous SOLZbags and SOLZshoes - and the always-on Thazzia Falek as MUA.  It happened to be the Saturday of Fleet Week, so we also attracted a bit of a crowd and were treated to the roaring backdrop of the Blue Angels' air...

Time for Awareness

James Carrick

Tags art, awareness, fashion, light, shine, time, watch

Breast Cancer is one of the worst problems we are battling.  SOLZ is proud to be part of the solution. Our Halloween Mansion party with Trendy Lime is also the Grand Finale of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - raising funds to help breast cancer survivor Tatyana fight the disease.  SOLZ is sponsoring a raffle and a costume contest and has done a photo shoot in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our efforts to raise money for this great cause.   Tickets to event: SOLZwatch: Special thanks and love to: Photo by: Danielle Jacqueline Photography Model: Michelle Grey Time for Awareness....