SOLZwatch MIRROR instructions

James Carrick

People are loving our new SOLZ watch!  We designed it to be simple, intuitive fun and stylish.  But while everyone knows how to look in a mirror, we wanted to post instructions on how to set the time on the watch.  For those of you who havent gotten past the mirror part, yes, there is actually a time/date/year/second LED watch in there!  Now take your hot self and go be on time for something!  

1)  Press the top right button to display time.  
2)  While time is lit, press bottom right button to enter set mode.  The hour should flash.
3)  While flashing, press top right button to change.
4)  Press bottom right button to cycle through hours, minutes,  day, month, year.
5)  Press either left button to save and return to normal mode. 


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