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KEN CHEN SF - Flash Forward

James Carrick

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The old adage claims that there is "no substitute for experience."  In the fashion world, however, a good case could be made for vision.  I think it was Doug Rader who said that, "If experience was so important, we'd never have had anyone walk on the moon."  This is where we may begin to understand the up-and-coming San Francisco designer Ken Chen.  He has been at this for just under a year and is already turning heads fast enough to keep chiropractors in business.  I had the pleasure of hosting his show at SF Fashion Week 2011 and was proud to see him...

Shaun Tiangsing: Un-retouched Proof

James Carrick

Tags fashion, local, photographer, shoes, solz

San Francisco, November 2011  --  By Brad Carrick   Having worked with Shaun on several fashion events, I had a sense of what to expect in our recent shoot for SOLZ.  Whether at San Francisco Fashion Week 2011, The 2011 SF Fashion Awards or the countless SFFAMA panels and events we have done, the experience is somewhat the same.  Shaun shows up with equipment.  He does not rely on available light, choosing to help create the perfect environment.  Yet once the shot begins, he basically moves into the background, allowing the emotion to unfold naturally.  Maybe it’s his experience working...

The Emergence of Dahae Kim

James Carrick

Tags fashion, local, shoes

San Francisco, October 2011  By Brad Carrick It's a gorgeous indian summer afternoon in the Marina and I got a table outside on Union St. at La Boulange.  At 1:28pm Dahae's text said, "I'm so sorry Brad!  Im running late and am a TOTAL MESS.  Crazy day.  Ill be there soon."  I was more than happy to relax and enjoy the day.  No more than 2.5 minutes later, she arrives, literally running down the street.  She apologizes again, profusely, both for her awful tardiness and how she hadn't had a chance to change or "freshen up."  Keep in mind that...

Interview with Andrea Igreja, Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

James Carrick

Tags fashion

  I met fashion designer Andrea Igreja at the posh Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel. Andrea is the co-founder of Explode La Mode, which features hot new designers in their fashion shows. When she arrived, she was looking positively stunning in a sleek little black dress, opaque black tights, and… Walksoftz! I had on mine, too! We laughed and complimented each other’s style choice, and right then I knew that this was going to be fun! After we chose a table to chat at, we both changed into our heels and got to the interview. Enjoy!     Andrea and...

Oh, you like my shoes? Gee thanks, I got them in Italy!

James Carrick

Tags local, shoes

  What it is about shopping while traveling that is so enticing? Yes, those little mementos you bring home serve just as good, if not better, a purpose as photos for remembering what a wonderful time you had. But also, at least for me, it’s loving being able to say, “Thanks, I got it in ______!” (<- Insert exotic destination here) as a testament to the amazing places you’ve visited around the world. You are also less likely to find someone else in your hometown wearing the same thing as you if you buy while out of town. Last weekend,...