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Time for Awareness

James Carrick

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Breast Cancer is one of the worst problems we are battling.  SOLZ is proud to be part of the solution. Our Halloween Mansion party with Trendy Lime is also the Grand Finale of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - raising funds to help breast cancer survivor Tatyana fight the disease.  SOLZ is sponsoring a raffle and a costume contest and has done a photo shoot in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our efforts to raise money for this great cause.   Tickets to event: SOLZwatch: Special thanks and love to: Photo by: Danielle Jacqueline Photography Model: Michelle Grey Time for Awareness....

SOLZ named Designer of the Year for 2012 at SF Fashion Week

James Carrick

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SOLZ is honored and humbled to be awarded Designer of the Year for footwear and accessories in the 2012 San Francisco Fashion Awards as part of San Francisco Fashion Week 2012.  We want to thank everyone who has worked so hard on SOLZ this year and to the amazing San Francisco fashion community for this recognition - it is truly a shared accomplishment.  We also want to congratulate all the other nominees, we are proud just to be included in such a group.  And to all of the other winners, thank you for raising the bar!   Here is the list...

LALY DESTINATIONS, a Summer SOLZticeā„¢ Celebration

James Carrick

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The summer solstice is the astronomical event when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky and we enjoy the longest day of the entire year. Literally meaning the time when the "sun stands still", the two solstices have been celebrated across cultures and throughout history and form the basis of many of our modern holidays.  Twice year, SOLZ carries on this pagan tradition with a SOLZticeā„¢ celebration.  This time, SOLZ teamed up with LALY Designs and the Newport Beach Auto Gallery for an unforgettable evening of fashion, fun, and festivities.  We had an exclusive SOLZ fashion shoot with our...

SOLZ Revs its Engines

James Carrick

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SOLZ was proud to be a part of the recent DESTINATIONS event at the amazing Newport Beach Auto Gallery.  It was the Southern California launch for LALY Designs and SOLZ and the official launch of SOLZbag.  We will have articles covering the event and the runway coming soon.  Especially exciting for us, however, was being invited to do an exclusive SOLZ photo shoot featuring our runway models and the beautiful exotic cars in the gallery.  It was a great match, as we have been getting glowing feedback from our customers about how SOLZshoes make the perfect driving shoes.  The barefoot feel...

SOLZbag Unveiling at Apple Flagship in SF

SOLZ was proud to be invited to unveil our brand-new SOLZbag at the Apple flagship store in downtown San Francisco.  SOLZ founder Brad Carrick spoke as part of San Francisco Design Week and told the story of SOLZbag, from design to the campaign used to fund production to bringing the product to market.  SOLZ bag is a perfect compliment to Apple products and we were honored to be asked to launch our new product in such a great setting.  Thanks to Apple, SFFAMA, SF Design Week and everyone who came out for the opportunity!  Here are some pics from the...